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For the Love of Chihuahuas. Natural Pet Care.

Updated: May 25, 2021

May is National Pet Month so I couldn’t think of a better time to share my experience with natural supplementation I’ve used for my beloved pets. I’m writing this post on my deceased Chihuahua, Havana’s birthday. She would be 17 this year! If you have ever lost a pet, you know the heartbreak and grief that accompanies the loss, as heavy as it would be for a human loved one. Like many animal lovers, I treat my animal companions as my children, they are family.

When my beloved Havana became ill from pesticides, and eventually passed away, I decided that I would trust my intuition when deciding on food and supplementation for my future animal companions. I would not blindly trust veterinarian recommendations on food and medicine. I would educate myself and seek out a balance between Western medicine and natural medicine. That’s what I do for my health, so why should it be any different for my animal companion?

I am fortunate that I was presented with the best possible option for natural supplementation in the brand Vital Planet. Vital Planet was founded by Brenda Watson, CNC. With 17+ years in the natural products industry, of course, I knew who Brenda Watson is! She is a major industry pioneer in high potency probiotics and natural products for humans. I attended many of Watson’s educational lectures, trade show discussion panels, and book signings in my career. When I learned that she developed a natural pet care line, it was a no-brainer to dive into her offerings. Vital Planet offers products for both dogs and cats. They even have a probiotic for birds! This brand addresses an array of health issues such as hip & joint health, skin & coat health, sensitive stomach issues, and more. Of course, a staple is the probiotic offerings.

Since Frankie is toothless, I use Vital Planet’s Flora Dog Probiotic powder and mix it into her food. The probiotic formula also comes in chewable tablets, capsules, and soft chews. Varied delivery formats can suit the pickiest animal child. The Vital Dog Multi-Vitamin is also a part of Frankie’s daily regimen. When we travel, sometimes for convenience Frankie eats canned food. While I opt for organic and non-GMO brands, I like to add the Living Meal powder. With Living Meal, I feel confident that Frankie is getting in digestive enzymes, organic superfoods, and raw, living probiotics.

The blessing of a product that Brenda Watson also provided us with is a calming formula for stress, anxiety, and relaxation. The Calm formula is my go-to for fireworks season and long car rides. Frankie has severe separation anxiety. I have noticed the Calm formula and its blend that includes flower essences brings her a sense of peace and deep relaxation. I like to pair this with a mini scalp massage and rubbing Frankie down with a Selenite palm stone. Works wonders! I may have missed my calling as an animal Reiki provider, but that’s another blog post.

Have you thought about supplementing your pet’s diet with natural wellness products? Vital Planet makes it easy, and the brand can be found in most natural health food stores. If not, ask them to order it!

Here’s a list of Vital Planet’s Top 5 best sellers to get you


  1. Flora Dog Probiotic Powder

  2. Hip & Joint Chewable Tablets

  3. Calm Soft Chews

  4. Flora Cat Daily Probiotic Powder

  5. Flora Dog Probiotic Soft Chews

I honor my late Havana’s life by advocating for pet adoption versus shopping and natural wellness solutions for animal companions. I am thankful for a brand like Vital Planet. They love their animal companions like I do and put that love into their product offerings.

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